DissiNotRA founder and CEO of D’ Singing Technique:

“Feeling desperation and misfortune means that you are cheating on yourself. Somewhere in your life experience, not fulfilling the purpose of your existence… You must make it your priority to find your calling and set everything on fulfilling it to benefit this world and shine in your brightest light!”  

– DissiNotRA –

Biography; Text written by IMUSIFY   for    “Emerging Artist Profile”

DissiNotRA, an Augsburg native and general Renaissance woman, who not only possesses uncanny musical abilities, but is also an accomplished dancer, teacher, event manager, music producer, graphic designer, and youth adviser. Having grown up in a musical family, DissiNotRA has melodies flowing through her veins. Her grandfather, the son of two musicians, was an accomplished guitarist in his own right, as well as a humanitarian, responsible for opening the first youth house in all of Augsburg, a mission that would later play a huge role in DissiNotRA’s own life. Her father, who inherited the musical gene, and her mother, a talented percussionist, created a home environment that fostered musical creativity, where their children were constantly exposed to the joys of music. Inspired by her parents and her own love for music, at six years old DissiNotRA began performing and hasn’t stopped since. She’s played for multiple bands throughout her career, making contributions through singing, drumming, playing piano, and  producing digital beats. Her passion for music has even overflowed into other artistic pursuits, particularly break dancing, where she and her artistic soul mate, Stephanie Jenkins, have excelled, creating their own successful dance crew “Sweet Diabolos”. The duo would forge an inseparable friendship in the process, and have since then been band members, co-workers, and business partners. However, through her own artistic success and passion, DissiNotRA developed a passion for those who were less fortunate. Having been so positively affected by the musical role models in her own life, she felt a responsibility to give back and become a role model herself. Using the youth centers her grandfather began as a platform, DissiNotRA began offering singing and dancing workshops for the underprivileged youth. Through this process her empathy for the less fortunate grew, and eventually culminated in her and Stephanie forming their own school, with the hope of creating artistic possibilities for children who would otherwise have none. In 2006, “Discover Your Talent e. V.” was born, a singing and dancing school where children were not only offered artistic workshops, but thanks to sponsors, were also given opportunities to participate in dance and music competitions for various prizes. DissiNotRA’s passion had now not only led to her own success, but was playing a major role in building the artistic hopes and dreams of future generations. Despite the success of her school, DissiNotRA felt that she had unfinished business with her own musical career. Although her career was still growing, her aspirations were bigger than Augsburg. The artist inside her desired more than her hometown could offer, she needed a fresh dose of inspiration and new avenues of expression. As a result, in 2009 she decided to start traveling the world in order to build her career as DissiNotRa, with the hope of one day using her success to start her school in a bigger city. DissiNotRa is the real deal, a passionate and talented individual with a sincere love for others, as well as her craft. Having been raised in a musical environment, and teaching music herself, DissiNotRa has acquired and mastered a skill set that most artists only dream of. She has an in-depth understanding of rhythm and melody, with the vocal chops to make her vision a reality. Her voice brings together the soul and power of Amy Winehouse with the range and emotion of Feist. As her a cappella version of “Bittersweet Symphony” attests, DissiNotRa is capable of doing amazing things with only her stripped down voice and her two bare hands. However, when the beauty of her voice is accompanied by her own unique blend of spacey, psychedelic hip-hop and electronica it takes the listening experience to a whole new level. We have a feeling DissiNotRa is going to be doing big things in the future, so make sure you keep an eye out for her new releases, because I know we sure will. _________________________________________________________________