DissiNotRA founder and CEO of D’ Singing Technique:

“Feeling desperation and misfortune means that you are cheating on yourself. Somewhere in your life experience, not fulfilling the purpose of your existence… You must make it your priority to find your calling and set everything on fulfilling it to benefit this world and shine in your brightest light!”  

– DissiNotRA –

Biography; Text written by IMUSIFY  now UnioMusic for    “Emerging Artist Profile” – updated by Suvad Music  

DissiNotRA, an Augsburg native and general Renaissance woman, who not only possesses uncanny musical abilities, but is also a

DissiNotRA, a multi-talented individual, who embodies a true Renaissance spirit, born in the Province-Alpes-Cote d’Azur France, raised in Augsburg, is a prodigious musician, exceptional vocal coach, accomplished dancer, event organizer, music producer, graphic designer, youth mentor and more… This is the account of Julie becoming DissiNotRA, how she accomplished her diverse range of skills and of who she has become today.

Having grown up in an All-Musician-Family, DissiNotRA has melodies flowing through her veins. Her grandfather, who was an accomplished guitarist in his own right, as well as a humanitarian, was amongst other things responsible for opening the first Youth Center in Augsburg. A mission that would later play a huge role in DissiNotRA’s own life. Her father, who turned out to be a child prodigy guitar player, and her mother, an extremely talented percussionist, created a home environment that fostered musical creativity, where their children were constantly exposed to the joys of music. 

Inspired by her parents and her own love for music, at six years old DissiNotRA naturally began performing and hasn’t stopped since. In her early years as a teen, she’s already played for multiple bands, making big moves through singing, drumming, playing piano, and  producing digital beats. Her passion for music has even overflowed into other artistic pursuits, like dancing and painting, where she has excelled. 

As in the magical circle of life, one of those mentioned Youth Centers in Augsburg (K15) was not only the place where she started practicing and socializing with artists from all kinds and generations, but it was also the very place where she was first approached by education workers to please offer dancing and singing lessons/workshops. She was only 18 years old when she conducted her first singing class. Seeing the immediate demand and success of her unique and uninfluenced teaching style, she knew immediately that this was her passion and further business path. Growing up in a socio-economic environment with limited material resources, she followed in her Grandfather’s footsteps by recognizing the need to establish a platform for underprivileged children and troubled teens, who lacked the financial means to access music, dance or any form of artistic education.

With her awareness of the challenges posed by the rigorous German system when it comes to pursuing artistic endeavors, particularly for children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, the humanitarian within her was compelled to make a change. A huge change!

By sheer demand from the Youth Centers and City Events all over Augsburg she had to develop a very own concept, exercises and teaching technique before she even studied any particular technique yet. 

Seeking knowledge wherever she could, at an age of 21, she eventually received a sponsorship that involved a really good deal for private lessons with one of the best SLS Technique and Bel Canto Instructors, Dietmar Heiler, from Downtown Music Institute Augsburg. 

Following a few lessons, he concluded that she possessed a self-sufficient singing proficiency,  both in terms of physical technique and psychological acumen, which would enable her to pursue her path and goals as a singer independently and with confidence. And so she did. 

After several years of teaching singing, at an age of 25, she went on opening her very own and never before seen School Format for Singing and Dance (Discover Your Talent e.V. 2006), in collaboration with her business partner Stephany Jenkins (Cofounder and Dance Instructor), and the Youth Center K15, in renting out the classrooms. This very brand new Art-Education-Format has left such an impact, that it then grew into a trend in Augsburg and the closeby cities. It therefore inspired many other talented artists from all around Germany to start similar careers that are based in street arts and helping kids and teenagers from all economical backgrounds. After all, “Discover Your Talent e.V” has held Workshops in a huge number of youth centers and public schools all around the south of Germany and organized Events for dancers and singers with sponsors like Nike, Dikkie’s, New Yorker’s and more.  

Ongoing since then, DissiNotRA has lived, 2 years in Croatia, 2 years in heidelberg, 1 year in North Carolina and nearly 10 Years in Los Angeles, successfully teaching, performing, producing, songwriting, recording albums, DJing, organizing and hosting events creating exposure for musicians, and more. In her Hometown City she has performed as an Opera and Soul Singer in several musicals in Stadttheater Augsburg, and has been invited to several Radio Stations and played several big Events. Similar counts for all the other cities and countries she has lived in. 

As times grew more and more Internet oriented, content creation has become one of her other focuses. On her YouTube and Instagram channel, through which she was able to establish herself as one of the main Ambassadors for Reason Studios among other name collaboration partners, she is sharing all of her brilliant ideas and art skills in different Video Formats. 

Starting in 2017, when she decided to expand her student circle by teaching online as well, she stumbled upon the ever so known website Fiverr, on which she has since become a one of a kind 5-Star-Review-Only Vocal Coach and Voice Teacher, with over 500 Reviews to date, is ranked a Top-Rated-Seller and is “Fiverr’s Choice” for Vocal Coaches and Voice Teachers. Reading the reviews truly generates a smile on peoples faces and creates a warm, fuzzy feeling in one’s heart. 

Tuesdays to Saturdays from 11am to 8pm DissiNotRA helps up to 6 students a days achieve incredible vocal results in the shortest amount of time (often times within the first class), and assists in breaking fears and blockages on such a successful level, that she was obligated to start a very own gig offering Awareness Classes by popular demand of her Singing Clients. 

DissiNotRa is the real deal, a passionate and talented individual with a sincere love for others, as well as her craft. She has acquired and mastered a skill set that most artists only dream of. She has an in-depth understanding of rhythm and melody, with the vocal chops to make her vision a reality. Skills like a super realistic sounding Mouth-Trumpet that hammers down incredible advanced solos, and being able to sing any genre imaginable, DissiNotRa is capable of doing amazing things with only her stripped down voice and her two bare hands. We have a feeling DissiNotRa is going to do even bigger things in the future, and we can’t wait to experience it all.