“D’ Singing Technique”  was originally invented by CEO DissiNotRA. Coming from an all musician family and with years of education in singing, DissiNotRA had the perfect requirements to become a singer, vocal coach and voice teacher. After all her experience, that the multi instrumentalist gathered during more than 15 years of teaching, this unique technique basically developed on its own. Click HERE to find out more about DissiNotRA, CEO and Founder of D’ Singing Technique.

 D’ Singing Technique’s CONCEPT:

“Never can you apply the same concept on every student!”
  • Entering these classes, not only will you professionally learn how to singing; or work on old patterns and issues that you could never get rid of during your career, BUT
  • expect lots of laughter and uplifting moments,
  • expect to reach goals that you never dreamed of reaching
  • and expect a HUGE KICK to your self confidence!
  • If you think there is a song that you can’t sing, D’Singing Technique will put it in your vocal range and prove you wrong!
  • expect to have FUN It’s important for every musician to enjoy themselves while doing art!


urban, pop, soul, r’n’b, a-cappella, broken-opera/soul-opera, contemporary virtuoso vocalism


  • Posture, Breathing, Warm-up and Vocal-Chord Clearing 
  • Vocal-Chord Body Building 
  • Phrasings and Improvisation
  • Aural training  
  • Implementation of technique, emotional implementation, Self confidence & Performance


enjoy art at it’s best….