Welcome to D’ Singing Technique!

Did you know, 85 % of all vocal related problems are actually psychological!  A widely unknown fact that stops many Voice Artists from succeeding, and even has driven way to many Vocalists to the point of complete resignation of using their Voice for Art altogether. DsiTECH; A modern way of learning how to free the mind in order to live, and use the voice without hesitation. Our Teaching Method is very Up To Date. Covering not only the areas that the voice in an athletic use needs, (unique & powerful vocal exercises) but also works on the psychological aspect of singing and vocalizing (building of self confidence & fear eliminating techniques) – achieving unbelievable results in the shortest amount of time!


 Customized Classes for each singing individual

Since every students case and wishes are unique, your classes will be designed individually for your special field of needs. Feel free to choose which areas of the singing you want to work on most. We serve vocal coaching and voice teaching for beginners and advanced singers, public speakers, rappers, actors and all other areas that require the voice. Our teaching technique has been developed and successfully applied since the year 2000. You are in good and experienced hands.
With that being said, welcome to DsiTECH. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

enjoy art at it’s best….